The Largest Exhibition of Fermented & Brewed Food and Beverage in Japan

Int’l Fermentation & Brewing Food EXPO(FERMEX)


ABOUT Int’l Fermentation & Brewing Food EXPO

International Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry EXPO (FERMEX) is a specialized exhibition focusing on manufacturing equipment, materials and technologies related to fermentation and brewing foods. The fermenting action of foodstuffs creates various merits such as improvement of taste and preservation, production of foods such as alcohol, miso and soy sauce, and increased effect on health.
In recent years, research on fermentation and brewing foods have progressed, and not only the quality and taste of foods have been improved, but also a lot of evidence of their great health effects has been published.
As for brewing foods, attention is being paid to revitalization of local areas and effective utilization of local resources by fusing traditional local manufacturing methods with the latest technology to create wonderful and original foods.
In this exhibition, all ingredients, materials, research equipment, manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, and packages related to fermentation and brewing will be exhibited. We will proceed with the plan so that it can be established as a platform for business and exchange between fermentation and brewing companies and specialists not only in Japan but all over the world.


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3REASONS TO CHOOSE International Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry EXPO


Trade show with 40,000 people from the Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry

Fermentation and Brewing industries officials from all over the world come to International Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry EXPO to purchase, select products, and collect information. It is the best platform to enter the Japanese market.


More than 600 companies with the highest quality products exhibited from all over the world

This exhibition is the first specialized exhibition of the fermentation and brewing food industry. The companies who have equipment, processing equipment, technology, services, etc. related to food fermentation and brewing will gather from all over the world.


It is a business hub that gathers necessary information

At this exhibition, more than 30 business seminars related to latest technology, research results, market information, overseas trends, etc. are held every day to create the information exchange and strong connections necessary for the development and exchange of this industry. We support the development of your business from various meetings.


*1 All prices are included local tax.

Space Only

8.1 sqm. (3.0m x 2.7m) = 1 Booth

Price (per booth) JPY 418,000

*Price is for space only. Shell Scheme Package is not included.
*Our agents may have their own price, so please follow the price the agent offers to you.
*If you have agents or distributors in Japan, the local price and benefit are subject to your booth fee.
*A surcharge of 3% of the exhibition fee will be added to cover shared utilities and transportation costs.
*If the above surcharge fee is less than JPY 11,000, as the minimum fee. JPY 11,000 will be charged.


1 Corner Space Charge

JPY 44,000*1 / Corner


Early Bird Discount

JPY 55,000*1 / Booth

The discount period expires on April 30th[Sun], 2023


Shell Scheme Package Plan

Space only plan is not included basic panels. Please apply for Shell Scheme Package Plan or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer.
Shell Scheme Package Plan is available if you do not have own decorator.
Please contact to Show Management office if you would like to receive more information.

*1 All prices are included local tax.


Shell Scheme Package Plan A
Shell Scheme Package Plan B
Shell Scheme Package Plan C
Shell Scheme Package Plan D


International Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry EXPO will proceed to the event according to the following schedule. The sports and wellness industry offers you great business opportunities. Please apply as soon as possible.

By April, 2023
Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount(JPY55,000/booth)is available for application who submit the application by the end of April, 2023

By May 2023
Application Deadline

June 2023
To Start Promotion

PDF invitation Ticket for free admission will be provided to the exhibitors. You may give out the PDF Invitation to your clients, business partners, etc. for promoting the show, which you’ll be participated in.

July 31 [Mon]-Aug. 1 [Tue], 2023

Move-in Days

Aug. 2 [Wed] - 4 [Fri], 2023

International Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry EXPO

Aug. 4 [Fri], 2023

Move-out Days
Immediately Follows The Show Ends.