The Largest Exhibition of Fermented & Brewed Food and Beverage in Japan



Gateway to Fermentation and Brewing Food Industry in Japan!


1.Opportunity to Promote New Foods in the Japanese Food Market
Japan, a major player in Asia's food market, offers a great opportunity for introducing new food products, especially traditional fermented and brewed foods. The strong interest in these items within the Japanese market creates an excellent chance for overseas food producers to showcase their offerings to local visitors.
2.Health Conscious Japanese Market
The Japanese market exhibits a strong interest in health, with a growing demand for fermented foods and beverages. Foreign companies entering the Japanese market can cater to this health conscious consumer base by providing products that align with their preferences.
3.Using Japan as a Hub for Asian Expansion
Japan's strategic location at the heart of the Asia Pacific region makes it an ideal launchpad for expanding into Asia. By establishing a foothold in the Japanese market, foreign fermentation and brewing industries can explore opportunities to enter neighboring regions and pursue new business ventures.

For Exhibitors

This exhibition is currently accepting applications from exhibitors. We hope you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity to exhibit at the show to expand sales, acquire distributors, and select partners.

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3 reasons to exhibit at FERMEX JAPAN

FERMEX JAPAN covers whole fermentation and brewing industry segments

Highlighting fermentation and brewing industry one of the hottest industries.

  • Soy sauce
  • Miso
  • Cheese・Yogurt
  • Pickles
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Sprit/Sake
  • Meat and fish fermented foods
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Cleaning machines and sterilization measures
  • Inspection equipment
  • Food safety/infection control products

This exhibition enables business meetings with the following

For manufacturers and retailers dealing with fermented and brewed food products.

Visitor profiles

Number of exhibitors and visitors

FERMEX JAPAN is one of the leading fermentation and brewing industry exhibitions that expands in scale every year.


Space Only

8.1 sqm. (3.0m x 2.7m) = 1 Booth



Please contact us.


Shell Scheme Package Plan

Space only plan is not included basic panels. Please apply for Shell Scheme Package Plan or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer.
Shell Scheme Package Plan is available if you do not have own decorator.
Please contact to Show Management office if you would like to receive more information.


Shell Scheme Package Plan A
Shell Scheme Package Plan B
Shell Scheme Package Plan C
Shell Scheme Package Plan D

Overseas Support Service

  • Utilize the WEB Guidebook Listing System (Free of Charge)

    We offer free placement of your exhibition products, services, and booth PR information on the official website’s WEB Guidebook(Exhibitor List page). This is an effective way to inform prospective attendees who conduct pre-event research through web searches.

  • Organize Exhibitor Promotion Seminar (Paid)

    We are able to arrange seminar venues where you conduct activities such as recruiting agents, introducing your company, and so on, and we are also able to provide support for attracting visitors.

  • Provision of Free Admission PDF Invitations (Free of Charge)

    We offer complimentary invitations to prospective and existing clients to attend the exhibition. These invitations can be distributed through in-person handouts, direct mail, email, and social media, enabling versatile outreach.

  • Offering Marketing Plans to Enhance Exhibition Results(Paid)

    We have prepared various promotional tools to support your successful outcomes. We encourage you to utilize these tools to enhance your company’s brand image and attract visitors to your booth.

  • VISA Support Program (Free of Charge)

    We can send documents for applying VISA to exhibitors who have paid the exhibition fee 2months before the exhibition period. Please understand that the organizer CANNOT guarantee that you are able to get VISA or not. We DO NOT send invitation letter for visitors.

  • Exhibition Preparation Support through Customer Service (Partially Paid)

    To help exhibitors boost their sales at the exhibition, we provide support for all preparations leading up to and even after the exhibition concludes. This includes various services like international shipping and print arrangements.


FERMEX JAPAN 2024 will proceed to the event according to the following schedule. The sports and wellness industry offers you great business opportunities. Please apply as soon as possible.

By March 31, 2024
Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount is available for application who submit the application by March 31, 2024

By May 2024
Application Deadline

May 2024
To Start Promotion

PDF invitation Ticket for free admission will be provided to the exhibitors. You may give out the PDF Invitation to your clients, business partners, etc. for promoting the show, which you’ll be participated in.

July 28[Sun]-29[Mon], 2024

Move-in Days

July 30[Tue]- August 1[Thu], 2024


August 1[Thu], 2024

Move-out Days
Immediately Follows The Show Ends.